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2014-09-14 – The Silver Birch

Sunday, September 14th, 2014
Light and shadow ... moving time,
life here - bursting from inanimate matter.

A small pool or mirror, I.

Colette told me that the buds on her White Birch tree
were just coming out
when she went in to have her first child.

And that, when she returned some days later,
with a new life in her arms,
the buds had turned to flowers.

And every year since, she and this tree have communed
in the memory of that day and the turning seasons.

Such stories run in the literature I've read
and through the memories in my mind.

Stories of people whose entire lives were writ 
within the seasons of the lands they lived in.

Their lives rising and falling 
through the eternal sunrises and sunsets
that swept across the fields they tended.

There were children born 
that played beneath those trees.

And they arose, lived and then became 
just the past memories 
of those who live there now
amid the relentless turning 
of these endless years.

Our faces are growing older 
and fading in the mirrors now
as we witness all of this
again and again.

I grow more like a reflecting pool 
and less like a believer
as I look at all of those I love in this life
and see them, see all of us, 
as just passing through this place
like curtains in the wind.

Just passing pools, reflecting ...
and mirrors of awareness, hoping.

We are those who realize, 
only towards the end, if at all, 
that we are the transient ones
on this stage of mystery.


— Copyright 1965-2014 by Dennis Gallagher —