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2016-04-25 – Flickering

Monday, April 25th, 2016
Sit here in the midst, endless being around me,
time stops - it is aways now.

My awareness begins and ends, but being is endless.
Being stops and I am the awareness, I stop and being is.
One moment, I am process and in the next moment, being nothing.
Being, to the aware me, is only a cypher I hold.
But, when being is, I vanish and nothing is held.

I am dancing on the impossible non-existent edge
between an illusionary duality where I seem to exist
and a unity beyond all but itself.
And, what little I am is flicking in the difference against eternity.

2016-04025 - ANZAC Day - Christchurch, New Zealand 

— Copyright 1965-2016 by Dennis Gallagher —