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1976-08-10 Bruce Malsom

Tuesday, August 10th, 1976
                        Bruce Malsom

      I'm less somehow, for his leaving, my spirit brother ...
      same eyes as my eyes   same spirit as my spirit
      He's gone into the world again, at this conjunction's end, drifting
      amid the tides of change, each of ours alone.

      Same eyes as my eyes   same spirit as my spirit
      some part of me gone, my brother, some part ...
      clear seeing, true spirit and grace until we meet again,
      thru illusion and change, immutable essences of that
      which makes us brothers, one.

                              10 Aug 76 - about my friend
                              buena park, CA

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —


Friday, August 20th, 1976
         My friends and all our questions
         our eyes and all we say
         we're all empty and full of the question
         we're all alone with nothing to say.

         Bruce and Mike and Cher
         have come here as my friends
         and now that they've left again
         I've just some bits and ends.

         So empty of answers
         that questions no longer hold much lure
         I mourn my having to work now
         because I know that money's no cure.

         The lesson's get harder at childhood's end
         I hope that we're able, myself and friends
         to survive in a world without the words or time
         to grow older and wiser without feeling like crying.

                                 20 aug 76 - buena park

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —