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1978-08-03 When Helen Oflarety came around

Thursday, August 3rd, 1978
                  When Helen O. came around
         I'm thinking' about her and there's not much to say
         she just feels good in the easiest way
         this lady's got it and I'm blown away ... with love ... easy love
         We started talkin' and I had to smile
         she's kinda pretty and she's nobody's child
         she's quick as lightening and a little wild ... I'm in love
         There's so much in her that I've looked for
         she's complex and shows it, she's never a bore
         she's come thru some hard times and it made her much more
         I'm in love, ...and I want more.

                                 03 aug 78

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —


Friday, August 18th, 1978

They’re brusing’ me, these days
ever since I met her its been chaos in emotion city
the lady’s a razor … the lady’s just too much
the lady keeps me in free fall … in love.

She comes on electric … hyper
she’s got intelligence to burn … quicksilver mind
small and wiry … she’s been wounded and maimed
and her wit and opinions are quick to reclaim the loss

And her fantasies … she walked me thru them … a farmer’s son
dazzled my simple love and even acceptance
made love to my body … to my eyes … my hands
until I sustained a smile two days running … fantasy time

She’s a woman I’d give up a lot for and ache if it was enough
but she’s got a lot of past to sort before this could be real
she led me in because it felt so good, to love…to fall into it
but she’s not really ready to play
and I don’t know if falling in love can be put on hold

So, today, rinsed and drained … emptied … more real and yet less
I think I can learn to see her like the others, but not easily.
I want to love so simply … I want to love so singly
I don’t know why it should be so hard
why am I always loving someone else’s love?

18 aug 78

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —


Sunday, August 20th, 1978

Days … Days like these never were before in my life

Helen, like a fire in my mind and heart and body burns
and in the fire’s light I see my past for all it could’ve been.
She, more than anyone else I’ve known, is my kin
her eyes burn with all she sees, like mine
and she loves me like I’ve wanted to be loved
for a long long time.

20 aug, 78

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —