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2009-09-12 – Benicia Sunday

Saturday, September 12th, 2009



This is not a lesser time,

nor is this a greater time.

It is just this time, … now.



12 Sep 2009 ~ a Sunday
Benicia, California


— Copyright 1965-2013 by Dennis Gallagher —


Sunday, September 29th, 2013

Do not spare me from feeling all this;
right down to the quick.

To feel the life that’s always been here
just beyond my next should
and the mind’s endless chatter.

There are death and endings here
so burn me down, Beloved,
and just let me feel it all.

Here, without purpose and meaning,
here, where this same sun has shown forever.
Here, where transience is the song of life,
and here, where the poet’s heart burns within me.

Here, I raise my hands and close my eyes,
here, a terrible beauty rages.

Here are the beginnings and endings of all of us,
on our ways to the ever now.

Here, I’ve stopped for a moment,
to be in the endless One.

Gallagher – 17Jul2012 – Benicia, California

— Copyright 1965-2013 by Dennis Gallagher —