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Friday, July 21st, 1978

Vancouver, no city of light at 1 am
the country’s poorer … the eskimos and indians
fill the bars

No one’s pretty…desolation on so many faces
prostitutes…everyone is an enemy to them, walk the streets
the glitter facade, the trash behind
I stumbled into a bar where everyone
looked asiatic and bitter
long black stringy hair
dumpy women wearing sunglasses

Did we come here, Kathi and I, to play in this town?
it looks as if everyone with nothing is here
driving junk cars and losing…losing

The fine hotels rise amid the circus-circus bars
and the sidewalk girls

The streets are roamed by men-boys out to find manhood
walking in bravado pairs or shambling alone
into desolation and some more alcohol to get it right
or kill the lack

conquer a shabby woman…fight the barroom brawl
talk with drunken gusto…drink away the truths.

21 july 78 – 1st nite in Vancouver

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —


Monday, July 24th, 1978

Feeling good 1100 miles from home
I really love this Canadian city.
I can travel all around
I think its nice I’ve found
the peace of mind to see this city as better
life won’t catch me sleeping
with cities like this in the wings
easy feeling so far from home
the differences are good
some part of me, amazed, says better
the cabbie, the waiter, the tour guide
all loved their country so easily
the government radio station is good
and politics are not so serious
the city services are excellent and sensible
I wonder if it matters
that I fell in love with two ladies here
Kathy and Vancouver.

Magic magic days
Vancouver City
and Kathy’s untried
three days ascending
sweet canadian ride
I think I loved her
I feel good inside
I can’t remember
when I’ve loved a city so
vancouver skyline, Vancouver bay
I smiled in your faces
and watched you at play
you shared our solace
you shared our time
I say, ‘thank you’, city
for being so fine.

24 july 78 – upon flying out of Vancouver

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —


Monday, July 24th, 1978

Confused by our togetherness
I wander and wonder where we are …
passionate and capable lovers and good friends
we spend our time loving and larking
until I have to wonder how much I can love this girl
and still not feel I know her.
She’s deep and convoluted in layers of years
of personality projection and control
and the bitter reality of knowing that ultimately
we’re alone and looking out for number one.
She cares and she says so
and her smiles bear witness to it
from deep inside…but inside there,
its always her’s alone
I told her I loved her and it pleased her
and for a few hours there I saw her face revealed
without projections and mirrors.
neither boy nor girl; she was the root of herself
looking at me without her constructed personality
and personal boundaries
and I felt I’d never see her again in the old way
but the morning returned her self imposed exile
until, at last, the hours and contingencies
dragged her away from me.


24 jul 78

about Vancouver and KA

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —