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1973-10-04 Denise

Thursday, October 4th, 1973
      ....Denise said that religion wasn't important.
      She wasn't sure if there was a God or not
      nor that it mattered save that she was a bit of 'God'.
      "Living is creating yourself, loving life is learning
      to believe you can cope with all of it."
      "Learning this until you get to the place
      where it doesn't matter, learning this
      until you learn what non-sense is and dig it."
      "The master plan, if such a thing could be so called,
      is that ultimately everything is without sense or reason
      and struggle represents the untogetherness
      of believing it otherwise...."
      I told her it must make sense
      cause it seemed to work for her
      and she laughed at me....
      I felt better, though.
                              4 Oct 73

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —

1973-10-10 Grace

Wednesday, October 10th, 1973
      Perhaps I'm foolish to believe
      I understand grace
      but when she comes to me
      there's no doubt
      and when she leaves
      no mistake
      I mark her presence by the absense
      and absence by the presence of life's cares
      She comes when my best is realized
      and yet she's not a steady mark
      for she'll run one step ahead of understanding
      and fade with time unfulfilled.
      She enfolds you unasked
      and hides when sought
      I believe she is the reward,
      undefined as it seems,
      to those who seek truth and love
      by creating and living their best dreams.
                           10 Oct 73

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —

1973-10-19 Creation

Friday, October 19th, 1973
            So reality is only limited by my conceptions....
         Then let me create God and order;
         as reversed as the process seems
         its yet not a paradox.
            Let me persue the mental means
         of growing out of each previous dream
         by riding the wheels of Karma around
         until the trip I've learned and the wheel unbound
         and then perhaps the wheels of Karma
         will become the limits to lay with some previous sum.
                              19 Oct 1973

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —