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Saturday, January 1st, 1977

Why Rose has a right to expect me to work full time:

Its because of the years she spent
helping me thru college.
Its true I was responsible for half of our income
but that doesn’t mean I’m not obligated to her.
I chose school for itself.
She chose to help out and sacrifice stuff
she could have otherwise had for the end result;
my earning a good living.

I can see now where my basic method
of approaching life’s problems derives from:
The successes I had in improving my self image
and general happiness in high school stem
from the strategy I employed then
and its the same strategy I unconsciously rely on now
to cope with most problems.
Its a blind act of willfulness, direct and brutal.
Its unsophisticated and immature.
I simply know or think I know what I want
and I begin to get it by simply shuffling priorities
and commitments until I’m there.
This always worked fine so long as there
wasn’t anything I couldn’t stand to part with.
Now there is and I need to learn compromise.

Early on, because of my insecurity,
I needed to dominate Rose.
I did and she became convinced of her shortcomings
as I became convinced of my superiority.
I’ve always been very gifted verbally
and whether my arguments were sound or not
I’ve almost always been able to defeat her in discourse.
In time, as the bullshit became more apparent,
she began to recognize that logical discussion with me
was a loosing proposition.
If she listened I’d win and leave her bewildered
or misled much of the time, and this,
not on my argument’s merit but on my verbal skills.
Later, as she regained her self esteem,
she defended her mental integrity
by simply refusing to listen
whenever I suggested a logical discussion
of this issue or that.
She often knew in her mind what was right and she no longer
believed that just because I could convince her logically
that it meant she was wrong.
She was right about this while I, for my part, still thought
that the winner of a ‘logical’ debate had to be right.

Now, wanting to be able to really talk to her,
I realize that this door has been closed a long time to me.
We have not communicated by real discussion in years.
We exist with mutual affection when things are going smoothly
and work out our differences by emotional pressure
when they are not.
She despises my logical approach to things intuitively now
without consciously knowing why.
And I’ve ridiculed her emotional responses as childlike
blackmail…but only now do I realize she responds this way
because I abused the normal and fair methods of communication
with my domineering intellectualism.
I’ve been in this rut so long that it took Ernie
to give me some perspective on it and how it could be
and should be.

The worst of the situation is its near irreversibility.
For me to make her conscious of the situation requires
discussion of the problem and discussion is just
what she won’t hear.
She will emotionally block me to prevent herself
from buying anymore ‘logically’ sound bullshit!

Ernie said I would have to implement my insights
without discussion and wait for her to directly
apprehend the changes.
When she has the things of me that are her right
in all fairness then her resistance
will fade away with time.


1. Make a community fund for house and/or car
2. Work on alleviating my discontent within
the five day work week.
a. Change jobs.
b. Night school.
c. Ignore my discontent on the theory that it is
my nature to become repeatedly discontent.
3. Accept community purchases which lighten her load.
I resisted the dryer as a community purchase
because I was afraid it would cut into my three
days a week concept. It was irrelevant that she
did all the wash and it would be a great time saver,
even that she did all my stuff I ignored BUT it
should have been a community purchase.
4. Try to establish logical verbal communication,
possibly with Kathy Naegeli’s help.

Crazed fool at thirty racing across the land
don’t know what I’m doing struggling thru the sand
almost done with looking, never found the key
to the anxious angry wanting, the questions filling me
and all I’ve gained in essence is the brink of sanity.
She says she’s going to leave me if I don’t catch my pace
and I care more for loving than solving time and space
hey, I’m going to go home and I’m going to take it up
the burden left to everyman, I’m going to drink my cup.
My omnipotent visions have led me in the end
to choose the arms of she who was my very patient friend.

1 Jan 77
on a bus, returning from
Eugene, OR

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —


Sunday, January 9th, 1977

            Poor heroes we,
            moved across the stage by our animal parts.
            Lost and blind to what we move within.
            We're children, growing, who've forgotten
            to laugh along the way.
            Could it be these forms have so little to do
            with our real experience?
            Rich men and fools all,
            cast within different parts, just we
            animal blind, I can't see for how it changes
            rich man, fool, spiritualist, debaucher
            secure and alone, frightened and tangled.
            A million stories seem to run through me, together,
            half animal, half conscious,
            pressed between the rocks
            of my enlightenment and death.


— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —

1977-02-14 My funny valentine

Monday, February 14th, 1977

                    My funny valentine

         Endless days here in the haze
         looking out upon the gray
         and I can feel the strings that bind me
         beginning to slip away.

         Ah, I never thought I'd come to this
         watching my life trickle down...
         to here where my choices led me
         buying to chase the blues away.

         Corporate dreams, are now coming to me
         and I see how their webs can grow.
         Tying me down to possessions
         for what, I want to know?

         I've got a woman as true as they come
         and a son who needs my love
         but I've got dreams still raging in me
         that all their need can't stand.

                              14 Feb 77

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —