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1972-10-18 – Here and There –

Wednesday, October 18th, 1972
                          - Here and There -
               Because Joy and Sorrow are relative
                 half the world must be Joy
                    and half Sorrow.
               So like the changing wind
                 which varies its directions.
               So I, the weathervane,
                 change my expressions.
               How can I keep wondering
                 why I'm not happy at all times?
               I know I must accept what is...
                 and a world of all Joy isn't.
               Accept, and where will you be?
                              18 oct 72
                              Long Beach

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —

1972-10-19 Bits —

Thursday, October 19th, 1972
                             Bits ---
               With attention ... you are here, now.
               With habit replacing attention
               you are lazy with success
               until generalization occurs...
               and the action no longer suits the set
               ... time to make contact again.
               Wishing for Joy makes for unhappiness
               for the scales will not be tipped.
               And, like the miser who fears
                 when he has money and craves it
                 when he doesn't
               you wishes are your curse
               Love and Hate
               Joy and Sorrow
               Yin and Yang
               All relative
               in this our vail or tears or joy
               we choose.
                              19 oct 72

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —