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Wednesday, January 1st, 1975

      Religion is just the explanation we use to defend ourselves
      against the possibility that everything could be, without reason.

      Our explanations grow more complex as we analyze our experience
      more deeply so that asymptotically our explanations better
      and better approximate the reality we seek to know.

      At the limit, the explanation's complexity equals the thing
      explained and we see unity through complexity come full circle.

      The ultimate questions of physical process and life's reason
      simply reflect each other as Yin and Yang; they cannot stand apart
      to be answered and we cannot leave their domain for perspective.

                                 early Jan 75
                                 CSULB - Lipsky's class

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Saturday, January 11th, 1975
            Take me away if you know where, spirit,
            I've been a stranger to your fear before
            and I can walk that way again.

            My thoughts have been bigger than my words too long
            and I want to sail away
            on the music of my glory train
            into the wind and the rain
            on my own two feet again.

                              11 jan 75

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Tuesday, January 14th, 1975
            Some of us rise by spirit
            and some by kindness
            but most never rise at all.

            I've seen them on the side streets
            and the bus stops;
            the empty faces that fill the census books
            but not our hearts.

            Who am I to look at them?
            Standing outside, for just this heartbeat
            mixed and matrixed with them,
            my spirit momentarily paused alone.

            A fool and his visions
            just a breath from my own realities.

                                 14 jan 75
                                 - on acid

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