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1975-09-08 Breaking thru

Monday, September 8th, 1975
                             Breaking thru
         I'm coming down again, I think
           to mellower times with school and Rose.
         I'm not so sharp at figuring it out anymore
           but my heart moves me just as well as my words used to
         when I thought I could out guess
           God and his plans.
         He is the consequence inherant in my acts,
           the events which follow my choice.
         He is there...more subtly than I could have believed
           behind my acts and choices, behind my rewards and pain.
         He matches my every act
           with justice and responsability
         He's predestined it to let me make my choices and find my way,
           by my own choice, to His plan and my own, the same.
         I can no more live without his love and my concience
           than I could bear my pain endlessly without my joy.
                                       8 sept 75

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —


Monday, September 8th, 1975
         God, I see you behind every sweep of my hand.
         I breath you between every second's passing
           and I feel you around me endlessly in every direction.
         I am like some mote in your weave of space and time.
         I find it hard to differentiate you
           because I've never experienced the otherness.
         You are the consequence inherant in my choices.
         The events which follow my acts, the choices given me,
           and the others with whom I work out my destiny.
         You are the weave of my life from which I select my thread.
         You are the events which react to the history I create,
           mirror and mirrored, you and I.
         We interpenetrate until I can scarce tell
         If you are everything
           or just my imagination....
                                          8 sept 75

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —

1975-09-15 First day

Monday, September 15th, 1975
                          First day
            What can you say when someone loves you?
              That its better than not being loved?
            I don't know what to say... to love
              but, that I can't walk away from it.
            I know I'm both blessed and blind
              and loved by more than I could find
                if I looked all of my life.
            I'm confused
              integrity, honesty and commitment
            fill my thoughts as we come together,
              as I feel her eyes.
            We come together after such a long open space
              to find out if our growing was blessed.
            I know I can't live without her
              and yet, I'm not sure I can live with her
            and so we look, intimate strangers
              into each others eyes
                 to find the way.
                                 15 September 75
                                 - Rose and I move back in together
                                   after 3rd separation.

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —