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1975-10-08 Procrastinating again…

Wednesday, October 8th, 1975
                       Procrastinating again...
         beginnings the hardest, again and again.
         To fill and empty myself of facts...
         Somehow, as I've grow, I die
         but I'm more aware of it
           these times wired all night.
         I've know a little now of who I am...
         The Irish tinkerer.
         Walk me, professors, thru all the mysteries...
         but all I crave are the basics;
         the common denominators,
         the sudden flashes of insight,
           theirs and mine.
         Stacks of facts and memories
         are the maya of science to me
         and though they may be necessary
         they bring me down below my optimum.
         But, here, where I fly, just on the twilight,
         between facts and imaginations
         and patterns and hallucinations...
         I love the jumps, the correlations,
         the ultimate unity beyond words
         that almost yields purpose
         before it colesceses
         into the everything which is nothing.
         I love to climb in magnitude
         when I seek to understand
         not to sink in detail
         waiting to bottom out below confusion.
                              8 Oct 75

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —


Wednesday, October 15th, 1975
               What does it all mean?
               When I can walk by a woman
               and feel her presence as in a dream.
               I know its her, as she knows it me,
               and we're both walking and feeling it;
               thinking we're we...
               What does it all mean,
               this compass stop of awareness centered
               and interest locked.
                                    15 Oct 75

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —


Wednesday, October 22nd, 1975
            Let it be and enjoy being
            the stomach is tight
            braced against adversity
            the mind is tired
            from the effort of manipulation
            fall into the featherbed of consciousness
            and let it be, and feel it diffuse
            becoming what it always was
            let being and experience interpenetrate you
            until your essence grows warm and relaxed
            with the exchange.
                                 22 Oct 75
                                 - after reading Ken Keyes 'Handbook'

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —