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1977-09-28 read to the cadence of

Wednesday, September 28th, 1977
                                            to the cadence of
                                            Paul Simon's
                                            "I do it for your love"

         We were young, she was just a teen
         we fell in love in some distant dream.
         I remember the hours then
         full of love of a younger ken.
         Tumbled dreams of another day
         houses where we lived, the things we'd say,
         all gone down in the endless play.
         I do recall her love.

         The years we had now seemed so smooth
         but memories always seem to lose
         the edge of what really happened then
         when we learned to love and we had to bend.

         But people never really lose themselves
         The benders bend and abuse themselves
         and at some point we have to choose ourselves.
         I do recall her love.

         We were young, she was just a teen
         I remember her, my distant dream.
         She loved me then when love was all
         and I never felt I could ever fall.

         But through the years the bitter lines
         formed where love, ...her love met mine
         and she came to see I was not her dream
         and all our years were not as they seemed
         and I remember all I've lost.

         Her dreams have woken, our stars uncrossed
         but if I ever get the chance again
         then I'd fall in love and start again.
                                 28 September 1977

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