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1978-08-03 When Helen Oflarety came around

Thursday, August 3rd, 1978
                  When Helen O. came around
         I'm thinking' about her and there's not much to say
         she just feels good in the easiest way
         this lady's got it and I'm blown away ... with love ... easy love
         We started talkin' and I had to smile
         she's kinda pretty and she's nobody's child
         she's quick as lightening and a little wild ... I'm in love
         There's so much in her that I've looked for
         she's complex and shows it, she's never a bore
         she's come thru some hard times and it made her much more
         I'm in love, ...and I want more.

                                 03 aug 78

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —


Sunday, August 6th, 1978

Let the leaves come fall around me
I’m so lost in space
I lie scattered among the lovers
my hands and heart have traced
Sometimes I get such an ache
I want just one to be mine
but they seem to come in every form
but just what I’d like to find
Sometimes I think I must be wrong
I should settle for being sad

Yes, you take my heart life
amid these thirties days
you leave me scattered while I look
and tempt me with something more
I know love, I’ve felt it before
I’m no stranger to its song
and that I want back what I can give
can I be so wrong?

06 aug 78

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —

1978-08-06 WISH LIST

Sunday, August 6th, 1978


I want a woman who


– likes herself
– is intelligent
– self-actualizing
– relativistic and non-conventional
– has rational mental processes
– feels an independent career wish
– is not tied to specific attitudes or places
– enjoys change


– has fair looks and reasonable proportions
– no major physical disabilities; congenital or acquired
– has positive attitude toward fitness
– exercises
– is a non-smoker
– has a moderate to strong sex drive


– feels things deeply
– loves and wants to be loved without dependence
– has no particular goals for ‘us’; i.e. possessions or kids
– is emphathetic and is aware of it
– understands herself emotionally


– not conventionally religious
– inclined towards some philosophical introspection
– lives ‘here and now’


– monogamy not necessary but probably will be the case if I found
such a person, assuming she felt the same.

06 aug 78

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —