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Sunday, March 4th, 1979


I was wrong … it’s kind of neat to lay
around your apartment and pretend that I belong
here. Ho called this morning. You may have
already talked to him cause he said he may call
you at work. Also a girl came knocking on your
door. Dark, long hair – cute I didn’t ask her
name and she didn’t say. Bedroom phone just
rang – who ever it was hung up when I answered
– Oh well!! I cleaned up the place a bit
(because I love you!) Also took a stack of
Terry’s books.

See you


Almost forgot:
I broke a wine
glass when I was
doing the dishes.

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —


Wednesday, March 7th, 1979
              A yearning inside -- no one else can fill it.  The
         burning feeling -- no one else can heal it.
              Why do I hunger for more of his love?  Why does
         his number not connect -- Yes, I wonder.
              The days pass so fast, the months, soon a year!
         Why can't we just slow it down without fear?
              The peaceful summer moments spent, seem like a
         dream -- twas heaven sent!
              He's opened me up to a world so brand new -- the
         books and his music to name but a few.
              All that I hope for is only to stay at least his
         best friend, I hope, yes, I pray.
                                 All my love,
         ( St. Patrick's day card, 1979 )

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —

1979-03-11 By Kathleen A. 3-11-79

Sunday, March 11th, 1979
      By Kathleen A.                  3-11-79
        For Dennis ...
           Only moments ago he was here sharing my love, so very
      near.  I still feel his presence though he's gone away,
      because in my heart forever he'll stay.
           When I tell him "I love you" every word is true; and
      yes it scares me half to death but I only stop to catch my
           Even though my life's mixed up he shakes me down and
      builds me up.  My ways he seems to understand and truth he
      speaks without demands.  As his words come clearly across,
      suddenly I feel not lost.
           The words to follow are very real to tell him what it
      is I feel:
      By Helen Reddy ( edited by KH for DG )
              "To wake up next to you, to see your smile across
         the pillow as the sun breaks through.  In the early
         hours when the day is new.  To lie by you - that is all
         I'll ever need.
              To feel you everywhere.  To know and keep the
         silent secrets we as lovers share.
              You fill my world with wonder just by being there.
          To know you care - that's all I'll ever need.
              Holding you, the world beyond me seems to fly.
         The love is realized when I look in your eyes.
              To lie down next to you -- to know the meaning of
         the 'little things' you say and do.
              In the gentle hours when the day is through -
         alone with you.  That is all I'll ever need."

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —