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Tuesday, May 15th, 1979
            I don't know exactly why I'm writing this or what I
         want it to say. All I know is that I'm hurting so bad
         now that if I don't try something I'll never make it
         through the night.  I can't even explain why I'm
         hurting so.  Certainly not because Heidi is sharing
         your bed tonight.  She's an evil bitch who's using you
         in her game of life.  her kind are a dime a dozen and I
         know I'm above all her games.  maybe because you didn't
         have the forethought to break your plans with Helen K.
         until the call this morning.  You can't make me believe
         there was no way for you to talk to her during the
         week.  After all we did make our plans last Tuesday.
         I'm so tired of all this it makes me sick.  For my own
         sanity I'm going to start having affairs of my own.  At
         least that way I'll have someone to run to at times
         like this.  I'm tired of being strong and doing it on
         my own.  I wonder if you realize how much and how often
         you hurt me.  I don't think the hurt will stop
         overnight but it will be nice to know that comfort is
         only a phone call away.  I'm not doing this to get back
         at you, but rather to take care of myself.  i want to
         continue seeing you, and you will always be most
         important to me.  I'm not sure how this will change our
         relationship.  I guess that will depend on whether you
         can take it as well as you dish it out.  Enjoy Heidi,
         she's about all you have left right now.  You lost a
         lot tonight (not just with me but your son too).  I
         hope she will be able to make you happy.  I believed
         you when you told me she didn't mean that much to you.
         Another case of Rosie being a fool.  Maybe your giving
         her the affections that used to belong to Kathleen and
         you just forgot to tell me. Just tell me this, when
         Heidi is through with you where will you turn? I can no
         longer promise to be here forever.  Think about it -
         you gain so little and may lose 10 years.  Is it worth
         a 1979 letter of uncertain date.

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