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Monday, December 1st, 1980

What a pang I got when Rose and my children left tonight
the long freeway drive…so much of me in one place.

They all become more dear to me each day
Danny’s age and intelligence make him a companion and a friend
as well as my blood kin and my son.
and Chris … Chris’ baby learnings, his baby smiles charm me
until I start mooning and babytalking at him
like any supermarket momma, oblivious to those around me.

And Rose. What can be said about Rose?…

That she’s so much a part of my life
that I can no more paint her in words
than imagine my life without her.

She is my other half, without which
I would probably be some wary emotional cripple in this life
she has built my capacity to love from nothing
and given me the confidence to express my manhood
and the emotional security to excel at my work
but mostly she has given texture and depth
to my life with her sincerity
without which, love, my most basic need,
could only twist frustrated.

Rock of Love, she, no empty designer jeans manikin here
the sincerity of her love for me
and the quality of life it gives me are One.



— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —