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1982-11-17 Bhagwan knocking

Wednesday, November 17th, 1982

Bhagwan knocking

I read Bhagwan just before I went to sleep
and awoke to find my self drawn to paper by my thoughts.
Itching me, burning me, his words brought me awake
with thoughts that seemed to cut through
the dreams I normally live.

I’ve drifted and doubted under the incredible pressure of friends
until Oregon and the experience I had there
has drifted into the library of my memories
and I’m once more unconscious and a-churn
with the pressures of what to do with my life.

But, when he speaks it rings with utter truth
that while I listen and remain aware
my life and purposes, cares and concerns
are cast into a doubt more profound and meaningful
by the lack of any arguments or reasons given.

If I go again I will surely take Sanyas.
I can feel the pull from here.
Should I light the candle I won’t let burn?
He asks nothing if not all
and ( though no one believes it )
he asks nothing but for me.
My love, my awareness, my being.
He says do them, take them, be them.
I point the way, I am the gate.
Listen, experience, become … more.
I am a living example.

And I stand awe struck and amazed
by music no one here ever seems to hear.
Is it me or is it them?

No one here has any real purpose
and He says there is none
but he’s happy with that
and look at us here.

And the night goes on.

17 Nov 82

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —