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Thursday, March 7th, 1985
            The candles burn
              on a weekday afternoon.
            Two years since I've seen this girl
              and still the same magic with her.
            We talk about being lifetime friends
              and that slow smile burns inside me
            a smile of confirmation, love and joy.
              My sister, my friend.
            The years pass and it doesn't matter
              if they go forwards or back.
            These friendships we have
              are the only enduring touchstones
            as our lives sweep us all
              to our demise.
            The candles burn ...
              a day castoff from the everyday
             a lifeboat on a sea
              of nonsense.
                                 8 mar 85

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —

1985-03-08 3/8/85

Friday, March 8th, 1985
                                            1:25 p.m.
      Dear Dennis:
           I'm enjoying the quiet solitude of your place, filled with
      nostalgia.  Quiet, peaceful reflections -- yesterday & today --
      of our continued friendship, respect and love, as loaded a word
      as it is.
           ( Earl just called.  I hesitated picking up the phone but
      thought it might be my sister.  I told him you'd be to work
      shortly.  Hope you weren't too rushed this morning.  I enjoyed
      the extra time together )
           Its funny, I got out of writing some time ago when I
      destroyed ( or tried to ) my past.  ( your poems keep my past,
      memories, photos ... I love them all )  It wasn't all Tim's
      fault.  I wasn't too proud of the way I lived my life "then".
      "Total" sacrifice to others isn't working either.  So, I'll
      keep plugging along striving for self-improvement, like
      yourself.  You're lucky to have a family that loves you so much
      and permits you to be "yourself".  My family loves me but, if my
      growth continues to go "stunted", I'd rather be alone.  Never
      did I realize my strength until last year.
           Our brief time together was truly precious.  I've never
      experienced the same kind of chemistry with anybody else.  I
      think it's because we are a lot alike.  You were my first MAN
           I hope our paths cross again one day but always we'll stay
      in touch.
           Thank you for the wonderful dinner, our fun and
      everything.  I feel rested and ready to tackle my problems.
      Face on, with a clear head is the best way!  ( 1 week now, no
      cigarettes -- no more! )!!
           Good luck with your life -- career, lovers -- everything
      you do.  You're one of the most talented people I know, so
      reach for the stars.  My star will be centered and right with
      myself.   That's what you said about me in so many words.
                                       Love always,

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —


Monday, March 11th, 1985
            She's come thru like an earthquake;
            here and gone.
            The furniture and I slightly stunned
            at the emptiness she could leave
            in so brief a time.
            A note ... some pictures, punctuate
            the two years since I saw her last.
            ... and now, we may never meet again.
            A day of reacquaintance, passion
            and parting ... it was unique.
            She does something to me;
            I ache inside when I think of her
            and I remember
            I've known the ache before,
            watching her pass in and out
            of my life.
            She could have been the one...
                 my heart whispers.
                                 11 mar 85

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —