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Friday, July 31st, 1987

This girl whom I love so much is going for it all - and I applaud her.

Against the edge of all darkness and the dissolution of spirit and certainty
   she wanders; a small brave candle.

She seeks understanding and enlightenment,
   she tries to hard and gets frustrated,
she wants the deep knowledge,
   and tries to figure out how to come by it.

In circles and dreams she runs,
   counting beads on the rosary path to heaven,
squeezing knowledge, clamoring with the mind,
   lusting with the heart and fearing with the ego.

And yet ... and yet, my love...

I hear the truth just behind you,
   I see the light you long for shining in you,
and I laugh as you cry because I know
   just how close the truth is.

31 Jul 1987
- about Joan

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