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2006-09-08 – Purpose

Friday, September 8th, 2006

As intelligence gains clear perspective
   on its genesis and uses,
it may also consider
   what it might be used for intentionally.

And to examine this question,
   we must regress
and ask what purpose may be evident here
   exclusive of ourselves and our ideas.

Time advances and all processes in general
   give way to the relentless persuasion of entropy
save where the overall process of energy's dissipation
   yields local zones of energy in excess.

And if there is a thread of purpose, then it is here
   where, bathed in excess energy, matter assembles
and reassembles itself into ever more complex forms
   as through organization, it stores energy.

And somewhere, sometime, after eons of energy excess,
   from matter thus warmed,
emerges the property of self-replication
   and thus begins a long ascension.

Self-replication, single celled, eukaryotic,
   sexual, fish, amphibian,reptile, mammal, bird,
notochord, nervous system, perceptions, brain,
   awareness, self-awareness, generalized intelligence
      and the ability to abstract.

At some point, somewhere, matter knows
   it is conscious and alive
and it asks itself,
   "To what purpose?"

And here it considers its genesis
   and the use and purpose of its intelligence
and it sees, in this moment,
   that control of evolution has been taken by
      the evolved.

A door stands open
   and the question is what to do on the other side?
At this emergent conjunction
   the seeds of Gods burn in our eyes.

To awaken and continue the ascension,
   embracing the only purpose evident
or succumb to the dreams of entropy
   that ever wait beyond the light.

8 Sep 2006

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —