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Monday, January 14th, 2008

Outer-directed, I see that the world is coming apart.
Huge movements, inertia grinding, mismatched.
The news reports the beginnings and the denials of the end.
History is reforming itself slower than most can follow
   but the signs are there - the vast disassembly is begun.

Inner-directed, I stood up from watching
   the apocalyptic video,  "What a Way to Go", and walked 
      to the balcony to see how far the moon's phase had advanced.
And I found there, the gray twilight clouds and a soft rain
   and I found the breeze and the moisture like a lover.
I smiled my thanks to the Beloved for this and for all my blessings, 
   so many, so very many
      and I felt peace and happiness welling up in full measure.

Inner and outer - the world ends - and a man might find peace.

I am here, transient.   The world, as I know it, is the same.
   I don't know my future or the world's
      what every it will be, it will be - but love is now.

If we live or die, if it lives or dies, so be it.
   Do as you will, Beloved.
      For this moment,  I can feel your rain and treasure my blessings.

                                      - Rainy Christchurch

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —