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2008-08-16 – Summer Full Moon

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

Our cares were different; the Byzantine, the Greek and I.
The stock broker, the Neanderthal, the priest of the dark ages,
and the native Americans - long before the white man came.

But to all of them, in the rush and press of their lives,
came a summer's evening with a full moon riding high
through bands of tattered clouds.

The empty mind of all of them just watching
the spectacle, the summer air, the parade of light on clouds,
the eternal form of the moon's face, blazing,
and all of their lives stopped, their running steps stilled.

I was there this evening at that timeless pageant
in that single place that is ever the same.
Through all human history and for vast spaces beyond
has the moon sailed just so, in an endless sky, transfixed.

Achilles, Marcus Aurelius, Lao Tsu, the Kings of Ur,
shepherds of Spain, and those who first trekked out of Africa,
and those who sailed the vast pacific by the stars,
We are all the same experience, one, when we see the moon, thus.

16 Aug 2008

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —