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Friday, July 10th, 2009

Here in the twilight time, I ask myself, 'where'
   is the passion and the mystery?
Everything changes as your perspective changes.
   And, as in the Tarot, there is what lies before you
      and what lies behind you.
There is no wealth or fame or power that touches me now
   the future here is not such a deep pool of water.
This woman, this house, this business, this life,
   they fade before the immanence of the end times.

I used to seek the storm and refuse the safe places.
   I was a warrior for experience
      but now I see the universe approaching.
These bones, this form and all that has celebrated and grown
   now contemplates an end to that which ever seemed endless.

Beloved, in this, as in all things, I am yours.
   I would like to live for many years but, if you call me,
      I will come willingly.
My hands are your hands, my voice your voice, my will your will.
   If there is more, I long to see it and if there is not
      then I will never know.
What is there in this to fear?
   Nothing.   I am ready.

If the time is to be short, then there will be a revision of priorities.
   Now, Beloved, as you like it, now, Beloved, as you will it.
      now, Beloved, as you want it.
Let us lift these cups, my wife, here or in New Zealand, together or alone
   but never to turn aside or deny.

And before this beautiful body of mine falters
   and before pleasure gives way to pain, I will decide.
I will 'own' myself and the moment and I will choose
   the time and the place of my departure.
and in meditation advance into the light or vanish
   as the truth may be, for I can go nowhere else.

                                                       01 Nov 2008

— Copyright 1965-2009 by Dennis Gallagher —