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2014-10-01 – The Dispossessed

Monday, November 24th, 2014
I'm not sure why my heart is broken open.

Music, a book, thoughts of kindness,
   all bring me to tears.
And I cannot tell
   if they are tears of joy or pain.
But I fill, suddenly, with poignancy and pathos
   until I overflow.

And I would not change it. 

This long road I've come here
   to see and to feel this life moving
      inside and outside of me; all one.

I thought tonight that there may be
   some door inside of me
that I can open by will to all of this
   until it flows clear like a river through me.

Speaking feeling, feeling truth
   becoming lost in the light
both creator and created as one movement
   giving myself to what I've sought.

To be the recipient and the door, both.

To burn through this life
   in the fiercest fire
consuming the very flesh
   of my Beloved's existence.

01 Oct 2014
Christchurch, New Zealand

- after reading Ursula Le Guin's, The Dispossessed

— Copyright 1965-2014 by Dennis Gallagher —