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2015-10-03 – Even This….

Sunday, October 4th, 2015
The Camera pans across the barren beach scape
   a place seen in a moment of time. 
The wind moves empty through the scene
  and  tuffs of grass stir amid the tableau of land and sea
      that never seems to change.

Dead friends walk there amid the multitudes
   that have come and gone, come and gone.
Their names transient like the stirring grass
   beneath the moving bowl of a never ending sky.

Truly, we are not here - we only imagine we are.

And the more one is here, the less one is,
   until the edges of your beginnings and endings
begin to blur like the impossibility
   of separating one unchanging day from the next.

Quiet descends on the dead 
   and they go we know not where.
And, in our deep meditations we pursue them
   rivers circling between the sea and the sky.

The turning of life's wheel is mostly about
   the enduring, mutating and evolving patterns of DNA
and so little about the names and dreams
   of the momentary instantiations we are.

Draw a pattern in the beach's sand
   and listen to it say, "My name is ...."
All mystery, all magic, all mirrors
   and all endlessly endless.

And yet we are here 
   with our names and thoughts
and yet we are here 
   with our philosophies and our meanings.

We watch the sand and the dust of each other
   blow away in time's erosion
and yet even this,
   even this can be embraced.

03 October 2015
Christchurch, New Zealand

— Copyright 1965-2015 by Dennis Gallagher —