2017-08-26 – Red China Blues

We are as cheap as the pigs bound for slaughter,
   in those corners of the world
      where we are just objects to others.

Everything you might think important;
   how many times has it all been swept away
      down the long road of your many lives?

I can see the execution yard,
   the concrete and the stains,
and I can see the men who fire the rounds
   waiting for their shift to end
so they can seek their evening meal
   and the warmth of their woman.

Enormous uncaring forces move around us
   and we can only hope they will not gaze upon us.

Our dreams and our children survive
   only by the simple good fortune
of where we were born
   far from the fires of hell
that move through the forests
   of some of our lives.

Every minute I breath free and unharmed
   is a gift in a world such as this.

In China, the family of the executed
   must pay for the cost of the bullet.
But here I only have to read the book
   that tells the story.

Christchurch, New Zealand
- after reading Red China Blues by Jan Wong

— Copyright 1965-2017 by Dennis Gallagher —

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