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Thursday, August 11th, 2011

How often have I held a woman fast in the night
   to awaken and find myself sundered in the day.

How transient all our doings are
   and how easily swept away.


— Copyright 1965-2011 by Dennis Gallagher —

2011-10-03 – Colette’s

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011
An October night in a house laced with moonlight 
 with a good friend asleep on one room 
and my lover and partner asleep in another. 
I realize, yet, again, 
 what lucky man I am in this life. 
Marriages lost, earthquakes come and gone, 
 hearts repaired and small fortunes lost 
and none of it touches me 
 as I walk through these moon-washed rooms. 

The Beloved loves the child that stands into the wind 
 and dares to dare. 
The child that says, 
 "Bring it on, Beloved. hold me to the breast of this life 
 with all it has to give. 
Break my heart and storm my sanity 
 and I will believe you to be the Beloved, 
 believe you to be compassion and light 
 even as I prepare myself to pass over and die for love. 

I prayed for lightening even though I may be destroyed 
 and then I walked, some months later, 
 through a house laced with moonlight. 

And I see the proof that I am loved 
 and the proof that fear is just the way we delay experience.

I see that, even as I die, 
 I will drink this cup to the end and walk into the storm 
and feel the rain and praise the giver 
 and know that I am a blessed child. 


— Copyright 1965-2011 by Dennis Gallagher —

2014-08-13 – Straight to the Heart

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014
Straight to the Heart

There is no amount of suppression
that can equal the simple expedient
of desensitizing a fear
out of existence. 


— Copyright 1965-2014 by Dennis Gallagher —