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1971-01-01 — Daniel Martin again

Friday, January 1st, 1971
                  -- Daniel Martin again
                      or the Plastic Sea Song --
               It's all there, right in my grasp
               but then, is it?
               Are they crazy, or am I?
               And, if it's I, then
               should I do it their way?
               Spining wheels of paradoxs
               ring in my mind and gut.
               Right in my hand the answer,
               it mocks me.
               Afraid to ignore it,
               afraid to look.
               Here's my endless painful moment
               of procrastination
               or was it common sense?
                                   01 Jan 71
                                     Long Beach

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —

1971-01-28 Freedom

Thursday, January 28th, 1971
               A sad price we pay sometimes
                  seeing if our dreams are really only dust.
               These empty rooms stare at my independence
                  with their chilling silence
               and my mind echos their stares
                  with the memories of the laughter
                     of those who loved me in these rooms.
               When all my freedom has mocked me
                  and my integrity proved pointless
                     against my pain.
               When wild, free, alone and hungry
                  fail the test of love and company
               will they love me still
                  my Rose and child?
                                      28 Jan 71
                                      Long Beach

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —

1972-02-23 The morning wind

Wednesday, February 23rd, 1972
                          The morning wind
            When the morning wind has come again
            to rattle my window pane
            and the morning fog to make
            the dream gray world the same
            the winter's chain it holds me
            in a house overseeing dead grass
               I lay by my lady, spoons cupped
               my arm around her
               breathing the cleaness of her hair
            Of naked highways
            thru razor mountains
            of my aching muscles
            and eyes that squint in salt
            dreaming...of lust for my other lady
            who will wait for me
            when the season's turned.
               And I will go
               and stand above the tree line
               on some mountain's flank
               to be where only high contrails
               mar 2 billion years of natural selection
               and remembering indian thoughts
               I'll put my watch in my pocket.
            Two ladies love me in this life
            and I can give them neither all
            for while one lies enfolding me
            I hear the other's call.
                                    23 feb 72
                                    Long Beach

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —