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Saturday, February 8th, 1975
            Sitting here hurting
              for her hurt and mine
            scared I'm wrong
              but not knowing
                anything better to do.

            This won't keep me from getting old
              and it won't change me
            from the dreamer I've been
              and it won't make the TV real
            it won't even feel good,
              Lord knows.

            I'd have never believed love
              such a cruel whip.

            Freddie said that God wouldn't have
              given us minds capable of choice
            if the choices were not to be ours
              and we to put the pieces in place
            but somehow the result wasn't
              the clear light I expected
            but just the same darkness
              all mine now....

            Attachment increasing is love
              attachment decreasing is pain.

                              8 feb 75

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —


Friday, October 28th, 1983

People who go on looking for something
can and do find it.
Freddie said I’d always had a hole in me
where Rajneesh or something else
would have inevitably come along and filled it.
And I saw Christians finding Christ
and spiritualists, spirits.

But do self-fulfilling prophecies
invalidate subjective experience?

We each contribute our part
to painting the world we live in
irrespective of why we’ve come to our style of painting
or our motives or our beliefs.

28 Oct 83
Irvine – when Freddie spent a weekend

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —


Thursday, January 5th, 1984

My pen comes to paper and meets the virgin linen
thoughts like birds swirl and plunge
pulling up and away before this white expanse.

Corridors passed, things glimpsed…
this year is that, some tentative bird,
the year without women.

Freddie gives up grass and then liquor
for a year each time to flex his control
and I, I lay patient before my life’s unfolding
and find myself without them… the women.

5 Jan 84
Irvine, CA

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —