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1973-06-07 The photograph album

Thursday, June 7th, 1973
                       The photograph album
            Looking at the photographs
              I could sense the number of times
            her eyes and hands had passed here
              on baby pictures and friends long gone.
            As if she had written them there,
              her feelings came to life in me
            and stopped my eyes
              on those moments of time...
            I wish she were here now to hold her
              and her dreams.
                              7 jun 73
                              Long Beach

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —

1973-07-07 Acid again

Saturday, July 7th, 1973
                         Acid again

            Psychic or what...when I can look in
              at cupboards and feel love.

            Laughing in the face of joy
              I've turned away so many times
                 to find it just there...

            Insanity comes in a pill
              but why make it real?

            I saw the spokes of the wheel coming together
            all lead to what we keep
              in our pills
            and we can't quite wait to get there,
              can we?

            Insanity at 10,000 watts, just another
              weapon in our arsenal.

                              7 jul 73
                              Long Beach - acid tripping

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —

1973-07-07 For Rose

Saturday, July 7th, 1973
                          For Rose
         There's a woman who loves me pure and clear
         and that's fine
         though sometimes I don't know why
         she'd want such a hassle as loving me,...
         Me, who wants to be free
         and sure and wise and strong...
         she loves that...the prideful stupid fool...
         and me, I'm just amazed at my grace
         to have such a woman.
         Ah, but love's so simple,
         why, she's been whispering it to me
         for years at night
         and I'm just now getting wise...
         going on to do it myself I was....
         and she was patient.
         Love is my gift
         and its fine.
                                 7 jul 73
                                 Long Beach

— Copyright 1965-2008 by Dennis Gallagher —